A platform for everyone

Want to support the project? Thank you!

Writing the code of Agorakit, testing it and adding new features takes a lot of time and patience.

Managing the shared Agora on app.agorakit.org takes also some ressources (including moderation and end user support).

You want to support the project? Your group uses the shared Agora? Or you use Agorakit somewhere else and want to see it evolves quicker?

You think it's important to offer free, non proprietary collaborative spaces to everyone?

Your donation, big or small will help the project : thank you!


How much should I give?

You really give what you want and what your group can afford. You might also choose to use Agorakit and the shared Agora for free, this is fine too :-).

I thought open source software was free?

Free software (open source) such as Agorakit is in fact free to download and install.

On the other hand, development, maintenance and technical support cost money (or rather a lot of time, mostly unpaid :-)).

By making a donation, you support the project and allow the developer to free up time to improve the software and benefit everyone.

Is payment secure?

We use Donorbox, one of the most used donation providers. Your banking data never passes through our servers.

Where is Agorakit hosted?

In France, at Alwaysdata, an excellent hosting provider which has some values.
Your data is safe thanks to a powerful host that offers daily backup for 30 days.

Who holds my data?

You are and always will be the owner of your data. It is always possible for a group to export data and reinstall it elsewhere.
Agorakit is open source software: this means that you can host "your" Agorakit elsewhere at any time. You are not stuck on a proprietary platform.

Use the shared Agora